Friday, April 18, 2014

Inspired by: Precious Purple Princesses

Spring is finally here! And that has all of us over here at Ella Dynae beaming from ear to ear! Spring is a time for brilliant blooms, vibrant colors, and new beginnings. 

Photo by Bob Noble Photography via Pinterest

How could you look at that and NOT feel inspired! Which means the creative juices have really been flowing in the Ella Dynae studio and so we wanted to share our latest costume creation with you all!


Photo courtesy of Merlin Showalter Photography

...Sofia the First! Isn't she just stunning! Sofia reminds us of a freshly bloomed crocus or maybe even scrumptious purple cupcake :-)

And what would a pretty princess do if she didn't have a fabulous springtime fĂȘte to attend?

Image from Start at Home via Pinterest

Image from A to Zebra Celebrations via Pinterest

Image from Malu Mattos via Pinterest
Makes you wish you were 5 again, right? For more Sofia the First Party inspiration, visit our Pinterest page!

So come on, invite Princess Sofia to your next spring celebration. She can't wait to join the party with you!