Friday, April 18, 2014

Inspired by: Precious Purple Princesses

Spring is finally here! And that has all of us over here at Ella Dynae beaming from ear to ear! Spring is a time for brilliant blooms, vibrant colors, and new beginnings. 

Photo by Bob Noble Photography via Pinterest

How could you look at that and NOT feel inspired! Which means the creative juices have really been flowing in the Ella Dynae studio and so we wanted to share our latest costume creation with you all!


Photo courtesy of Merlin Showalter Photography

...Sofia the First! Isn't she just stunning! Sofia reminds us of a freshly bloomed crocus or maybe even scrumptious purple cupcake :-)

And what would a pretty princess do if she didn't have a fabulous springtime fĂȘte to attend?

Image from Start at Home via Pinterest

Image from A to Zebra Celebrations via Pinterest

Image from Malu Mattos via Pinterest
Makes you wish you were 5 again, right? For more Sofia the First Party inspiration, visit our Pinterest page!

So come on, invite Princess Sofia to your next spring celebration. She can't wait to join the party with you!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I found myself in Wonderland.

Valentine's Day is a time filled with love, cheer, and happiness. And it's a time when magical things can happen. Inspired by this theme of imagination, whimsy, and romance, Ella Dynae set out to throw an Alice in Wonderland themed photo shoot, just in time for St. Valentine.

Not only did we debut our brand new Alice and Queen of Hearts costumes, but we also designed a Mad Hatter tea party to help set the scene. We are so tickled to now be able to share some of the final images with you all!

Photography by Merlin Showalter
Alice seems to have just fallen down the Rabbit Hole and has stumbled upon a fabulous tea party!

Photography by Merlin Showalter
Little does Alice know, but a feisty Queen of Hearts eagerly awaits her!

Photography by Merlin Showalter
Unless of course Alice is distracted by some delectable treats ;-)

Photography by Merlin Showalter

Photography by Merlin Showalter
In fact, this mad tea party is just too scrumptious for Alice to pass up!

Photography by Merlin Showalter
Oops! Someone got caught sneaking a cupcake!

For more details on our Alice and Queen of Hearts costumes, come visit our Etsy shop! And a happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Will you be mine?

Image from

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that you all had an enchanting holiday season! After much rest and relaxation, the Ella Dynae team is once again busying themselves with some exciting new projects!

Our Storybook Collection is well underway, with costumes inspired by beloved Disney characters and princesses from our favorite childhood fairytales.

Snow WhiteMinnie Mouse, and Cinderella costumes by Ella Dynae
Photography by Merlin Showalter

Don't they make you just want to dance the night away at the ball until the very last stroke of midnight?

We can't wait to share with you our newest addition to the Ella Dynae Storybook Collection, which we have been working on feverishly! Here's a sneak peek of the inspiration for our latest project!

Party by Chakoda Designs and Photography by Angel G Photography via Kara's Party Ideas
Image via Pinterest
Image via Etsy
It's a Valentine's Day themed Alice in Wonderland photo shoot featuring a fabulous Queen of Hearts costume! Towering teacups, romantic roses, and whimsical costumes fit for Wonderland!
Stay tuned for the final result!