Monday, November 25, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Over at Ella Dynae, we just adore the holiday season! Indulging in sweet treats, frolicking in winter wonderlands, and snuggling with those we love the most. So what better time to play a little dress up and enter into a land of fairytale?

Come check out our Holiday Costume and Dress Collection for some fabulous gift ideas to help you shower your princess in holiday cheer!

Maybe you would prefer a classic Christmas cape and ball gown, reminiscent of a Victorian Christmas card?

Red Christmas Ball Gown

Or perhaps your style is a wintery, ice queen?

Ice Queen Ball Gown

If ball gowns don't suit your fĂȘte, what about a glitzy party dress to help you twirl the night away?

Christmas Party Dress

And if traditional just isn't your cup of tea, how would you like to steal the show as an adorable holiday elf?

Christmas Elf Tutu Dress

Happy holidays again everyone! And don't forget, tis the season to indulge in a little whimsy!